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Meet The Rhythm Warriors


Tomis JoJo’s younger brother.
No musical adventure is too crazy or
too big for this fearless little kid!


JoJois Tom’s big sister and the sensible team leader of the Rhythm Warriors. She’s the songwriter for all their music too!


Groover is the high-energy joker behind the drums. He is so clumsy that disaster is never too far behind him.


Tabithais the band’s super-cool lead guitarist; Strong, confident and independent. She’s also the pilot of the team’s transforming ship / stadium – Arena 51!


Lownoteis the totally dependable, laidback bass player. Nothing is ever a problem for this chilled-out music master.

Introducing The Rhythm Warrriors

We are delighted to announce the release of our new Piano and Keyboard Course and animated series “Rhythm Warriors – Piano Zone”. Produced by Emofront Pte and Presto Music Production in association with Sparky Animation Studios.

How to enjoy Piano Zone lessons

  •      Join us for Piano Zone lessons at Presto Music School in Warrington
  •      Join the Rhythm Warriors online for animated lesson adventure
  •      Buy the Piano Zone Ebook on Amazon

The Rhythm Warriors are the musical heroes of our groundbreaking education and entertainment system.

Meet the Rhythm Warriors

Piano and Keyboard lessons have just had an epic upgrade! Starting at the very beginning The Rhythm Warriors; Tom, JoJo, Groover, Tabitha and Lownote, along with our super-talented Positively Presto Tutors, teach the very foundations of music to budding rockstars aged 4 to 7 in a proven, insightful, and engaging way. 

The lessons and materials have been heralded as “groundbreaking” and are championed worldwide by the RSL Awards Rockschool exam board.

Exclusive Opportunity

This exciting and imaginative spin on a traditional piano course for children aged 4 to 7 is the brainchild of our very own Director, David A Jones and his co-producer KC Wong. David has worked alongside a team of exceptionally talented individuals to create a truly unique and universal learning system that children the world over will have access to. It’s with huge thanks to the combined efforts of Emofront Pte and Presto Music Production in association with Sparky Animation Studios that this has all been made possible and now you can enjoy it too!

Get a Free Trial Piano Zone Lesson at Presto

Want to know what all the fun is about? Come and enjoy a Free Trial Piano Zone lesson exclusively at Presto Music School. Your child will learn with The Rhythm Warriors supported by our incredible interactive learning materials.

Enjoy our Animated Lesson Adventures Online

Want to learn at home with Tom and JoJo? Grab your Piano or Keyboard and access the online animated course below. You’ll get weekly lessons to guide you through the whole of Piano Zone and a digital copy of Book 1.

Never has learning music been made so much fun!
Listen to Tom in the video below as he explains what makes this musical adventure so fantastic.

Rhythm Warriors Piano Zone – Book 1

What if your planet was totally dependent on the power of music?

Join Tom and JoJo from the band “Rhythm Warriors” on an exciting musical adventure like no other.

Their planet’s most valuable resource is the power of music and they are on a mission to share this with the young musicians of Earth.

Tom and JoJo’s Piano Zone series of books is a captivating, creative approach to traditional piano lessons. With step-by-step Music Theory covered throughout, and progressive, fun pieces to play, the course is available in paperback and as a revolutionary EBook and Animated cartoon lesson adventure! Recognised by RSL Awards – The Rockschool Exam Board for its excellence in education and innovative approach.

Get your copy today and start your musical adventure!
Paperback book available soon!

Also coming soon…

In association with Sparky Animation Studios and RSL Awards, “Rhythm Warriors – Keyboard Kingdom” the mobile game will be available to download for FREE in your App Store from November 15th 2023.


Welcome to the world of the Rhythm Warriors. These engaging characters make great companions for young children as they take their first musical steps. Following the Warriors on their adventures will teach you all the basics of keyboard playing, including pitch, duration, tempo, and of course, rhythm! At RSL Awards we are pleased to support these books and feel they give young learners everything they need to get started. They also lead on nicely to Rockschool method and graded books. So, grab you keyboards and start your adventure!

Nathan Theodoulou, Director of Product and Marketing- RSL Awards