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Can I take exams at Presto Music School?

You most definitely can! Presto has a 99% pass record across all exams and more than 50% of our students regularly walk away with a distinction. This far exceeds the national average of both the London College of Music and the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

All of our music schools are official London College of Music (LCM) and Rockschool examination centres and we host exam sessions approximately 6 times per year. The exam frequency varies for students learning via our Remote Learning System, this is discussed directly with the student. 

All the qualifications you will gain from attending lessons and entering exams at Presto have QCA accreditation. This means that the incredible results you will achieve will help you or your child gain access to University utilising the UCAS scoring System.


Presto’s exam success is unrivalled anywhere in the world and we have been commended by both the London College of Music and Rockschool on many occasions for our extraordinary examination results as a school. There really is no better place to sit your music exams.

Presto Musical School are proud to have been awarded RSL Champion Centre Status

Dear Presto Music School

We’re delighted to inform you that your institution has been chosen to receive RSL Awards Champion Centre status. We’re very keen to recognise the value of our relationship with you through your ongoing commitment to supporting students through Rockschool Graded Music Exams, whilst providing the highest quality tuition, in a safe, professional and nurturing environment.

As one of our Champion Centres, we are keen to both celebrate your work and ensure you are central to the ongoing advocacy and development of RSL Awards over the coming years.

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Student Progress Tracking and Communication

We provide all our students with a progress tracker which we encourage them to keep in the cover of their Presto Music Book. This invaluable document is very similar to that which we use internally to track students progression through the Presto Course systems / Rockschool syllabus. The version that each student is given is relevant to the specific level within the syllabus that they are at.

Every student will be able to make great use of these tracking forms, whether they are just 4 years old and playing for fun, through to our Diploma Students and everyone in between. Once the entire form is complete then the student can take either of the following steps:

  • Simply have the tracking sheet signed off by the teacher and move on to the next grade
  • Take an assessment with one of the senior teaching team
  • Sit the relevant grade exam at the end of the book

Please note that Assessments are not intended to take the place of exams, far from it in fact. Assessments help the students with short-term goal setting as they are designed to be taken quarterly (all of which are optional, you could do them annually or not at all should you wish).

Students who are working toward an exam will use their tracker to clearly see exactly what needs to be practiced. Anything which has been ticked requires to be worked on at home. The trackers are often used in conjunction with the books as these sheets will refer you to specific pages and exercises.

This whole process is to designed to ensure the following:

  • Parents, Carers and Students can clearly see what needs to be worked on each week
  • All parties can see exactly how well the student is progressing against set criteria
  • Teachers can assist the student even more by ensuring that the material covered in class is tailored more specifically to the students needs and level of achievement
  • Good communication between Teacher, Student and Parent

If you have any futher questions about Exams, Assessments, Tracking or Communications please get in touch with our team who will be happy to help. Call 01925 577715 or email:


was quite nervous about taking my first Vocal Exam but my tutor, Mollie, helped me so much. She helped me prepare, explained what to expect, encouraged me to practice regularly and it all paid off. I achieved a Distinction!

India Foster – Warrington