Our Music System

How THOUSANDS of students aced their music studies and loved the journey along the way

This is about YOU!

Lessons at Presto are focused on how YOU learn, how you UNDERSTAND what is being taught.

In a moment we’ll run through the “how”, but it’s good for new students to know that Presto WROTE the official, globally recognised Piano / Theory / Keyboard book for the London College of Music – on which all our education systems are based.


We all learn in different ways, and we are all good at different things. Yet there is something magical about music, it pulls together more people than most other subjects. Music connects us all.

No matter what your strengths are in life, there is an educational approach that we can use to help you make sense of music so that you make RAPID,
FUN progress.

This is what Presto excel at – identifying the student’s learning style and strengths and adapting the lesson so that we teach WITH you not AT you.

We cracked the code to teaching music a number of years back and our students have benefited massively ever since.

Piano lessons to have you playing on day 1 – Guitar lessons that have you rocking with a band in the first lesson – Drum lessons that get you grooving from the get-go.

If you want to make fast musical progress in a fun, globally recognised and easy to follow way then you don’t want to waste time, energy or money.

You need a SYSTEM – Save Your Self Time Energy Money

A carefully structured course that guides you every step of the way. Our courses are based on simple princples that cater for almost every learning style and starting point.

No matter which instrument you learn with us, we will work with you from the first minute of your first lesson. Our inspiring teachers will assess your learning style and adapt our core teaching systems to suit you – so you make maximum progress in the shortest time.

Find out more behind the Magic to the Music in our Lessons pages.

Check out this amazing video of Freya who started with Presto when she was just 4 years old. See her progress from start to Grade 8 finish.
Freya became a tutor with us at Presto before going on to study music at LIPA.

Freya aged 4-18 – Presto Music School Piano Grade 1-8.
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I’ve tried to teach myself piano so many times in different ways and then I found Presto. What a difference it makes to learn from an accredited system with a tutor that just gets me and knows how to help me progress. Thanks Chris and thanks Presto!

A Taylor – Liverpool